Metal Powders for Jewelry 3d Printing


Design Diversification

Customization Diversification

Easier Prototyping Stage

Time-to-market Reduction 

Smaller Quantity Production

Save Raw Materials

No Soldering is Required

Surface Quality

When employing AM technology to create a piece, the first thing that materializes from the powder has a relatively rough surface. Surface treatment requires more work than in typical lost-wax casting. These include well-known processes like micro-sandblasting, grinding, and polishing. This is the cost of producing a product with an uneven surface: after polishing, the surface quality of the components is superior to that of lost-wax casting and comparable to that of highly-densified parts produced by fabrication. Because of the high level of densification achieved during the AM process, well-known issues such 

as gas porosity (from the atmosphere, scrap material, metal-mold reaction, crucible interaction, and other factors) or shrinkage porosity (from insufficient spruing) are simply not possible.

Furthermore, the microstructure of a piece created with AM technology has a greater level of fineness and consistency that a cast object will never achieve. Together with the much higher hardness that the AM process typically achieves for the same alloy type, this translates into easier final polishing properties and higher long-term surface quality.

Production Flexibility

AM technique is very adaptable and suited for both large and lightweight products. The procedure is entirely practical and cost-effective for producing one-of-a-kind or small-batch items. This characteristic allows for limitless personalization and personalizing, which would drive up costs in any other traditional manufacturing technique. The prices and procedures in the AM process are the same whether a batch produces ten comparable or ten distinct designs. 

As a result, it is quite simple for designers to produce a batch of jewelry that is identical in appearance but differs only in detail.

This ensures that each piece of jewelry is unique, as well as catering to the interests of different consumers, allowing for a larger diversity of designs. Most significantly, production capacity is pushed to the limit, and jewelry design realization overcomes the barriers.

Available Metal Powder Types

  • 3N Gold Powder 18K
  • White Gold Powder 18K
  • Silver Sterling Powder 925‰
  • Bronze Powder 90/10
  • 3N Copper Powder
  • Steel Powder AISI 316L

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