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Finidatech is a trusted supplier for the Aerospace, Energy, and Industrial markets, providing high-quality Nickel Alloy powders. These powders are crucial for manufacturing components and sub-assemblies that operate in thermally challenging environments, such as rocket engines, gas-turbine hot sections, and heat exchangers. Our dedicated equipment ensures the production of highly spherical, flowable, fully dense, and high-purity powders, guaranteeing a secured supply chain of top-notch Nickel Alloy materials.

Additionally, Finidatech offers nickel-based overlay welding powders, specifically designed for the laser cladding deposition technique. These powders provide exceptional performance and reliability, making them ideal for a wide range of industrial applications. Trust Finidatech for your Nickel Alloy powder needs, and experience the quality and reliability that we deliver.
Our Powder Series

Nickel Alloy Powder Grades

Inconel Series Powders: In625(GH3625), In600, In690, In718, In713LC, In713C, In939, In738(K438)

Super Alloy Powders: GH4169, GH3128, GH3230, GH4099, DD6, GH3536(Hastelloy X), GH5188, K465

Special Models: NiSi, NiBSi30, NiBSi40,NiTi50(Nitinol/Shape Memory Alloy Powders), NiAl, NiCr20, C276, C22, Monel400

NiAl is valued for its low density and corrosion resistance, as well as its excellent thermal conductivity, high melting temperature, and strong oxidation resistance. These properties make NICKEL ALUMINIDE POWDER an ideal choice for high-temperature applications, such as coatings on gas turbine and jet engine blades.

Powder Chemistry Available Standards

AMS 5596
AMS 5662
AMS 5666
ASTM F3055
ASTM F3056

Typical Particle Size Distributions (PSD)

0-20 μm
15-45 μm
20-63 μm
45-106 μm
53-150 μm

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