Samples free or paid?

For ferro series metal powders, 10g free samples available by freight collect, but other series only paid samples offer for you and shipping fee charged by actual. 

What is MOQ?

Silver & Silver Alloy Powders:  10g ;

Stainless Steel Powders/ Aluminum Alloy Powders: 25kgs

Others: 1kgs normally, customzied powders, please make inquiry directly. 


Can you offer us MSDS & COA?

Yes, for special parameter requirements on MSDS & COA, please contact our expert to help you on these data. 

Can I request powder granularity tailored to my specific needs?

Absolutely, you can select metal powders that meet your exact granularity requirements. Various metal powder manufacturing methods and processes yield powders with distinct granularity characteristics. By collaborating with product managers and specifying your desired granularity range, you can obtain metal powders that align perfectly with your specific application. This ensures that the metal powders are well-suited for your particular needs.

What are the typical packaging methods for metal powders?

Metal powders are typically packaged using specially designed methods to ensure their safe transportation and storage. Generally, the packaging methods for metal powders include:

  1. Sealed Bag Packaging: Metal powders are usually placed in sealed bags, which are often moisture-resistant to prevent any moisture from affecting the powder. Sealed bags also help reduce powder scattering and leakage.
  2. Vacuum Packaging: For metal powders that are highly sensitive to oxygen and moisture, vacuum packaging may be used to ensure a dry environment inside the packaging, thus maintaining the quality of the metal powder.
  3. Carton or Drum Packaging: Large quantities of metal powders are often packed into sturdy paper cartons or metal drums. These packaging options are typically protective to minimize external environmental impact on the powder.
  4. Labels and Identification: All metal powder packaging should have appropriate labels and identification to provide clear information about the product type, particle size, quantity, and safety information.
  5. Anti-Static Measures: For metal powders prone to electrostatic charge, packaging may include anti-static measures to reduce the risk of static buildup.

The choice of packaging method depends on the type of metal powder, its intended use, and transportation requirements. Regardless of the packaging method, safety and product quality are always paramount considerations.

Factors Affecting Metal Powder Transportation Time

The transportation time of metal powders typically depends on several factors, including the distance to be transported, the chosen mode of transportation, customs procedures in the destination country or region, and more. Here are some general guidelines:

  • Domestic Transportation: If your metal powder delivery is within the same country, standard ground transportation or courier services can usually complete the delivery within a few days.
  • International Transportation: For international transportation, the duration is typically longer due to customs procedures and cross-border logistics. International courier services may take one to two weeks, while shipping by sea might take several weeks or even longer.
  • Mode of Transportation: The mode of transportation also affects the duration. Air transportation is generally faster but comes at a higher cost, while sea shipping is more cost-effective but takes more time.
  • Custom Orders: If you have specific custom requirements, additional time may be needed for production and preparation.
  • Special Circumstances: Unforeseen events, weather conditions, international political situations, and other factors can impact transportation times.

Therefore, the transportation time of metal powders can vary significantly, depending on your order and logistics arrangements. When placing an order, we typically provide you with estimated delivery times to help you plan accordingly.

International Metal Powder Trading Process

1. Define Product Details

  • Specify the type of metal powder required, such as ferrous alloy powder, silver alloy powder, nickel alloy powder, cobalt alloy powder, copper alloy powder, etc.
  • Determine the order quantity, specifying the required quantity or weight.
  • Define the powder particle size, clearly specifying the desired particle size range.
  • Describe application requirements in detail to enable Finidatech to provide a customized solution.

2. Submit Inquiry

  • Submit a formal inquiry to Finidatech, specifying product details, order quantity, delivery location, and delivery date.

3. Receive Quotation

  • Finidatech will provide a detailed quotation in response to your inquiry, including product price, delivery conditions, and payment terms.

4. Sign Formal Contract

  • Once both parties reach an agreement on contract terms, a formal contract will be signed, clearly defining product details, delivery times, and payment conditions.

5. Payment Arrangements

  • Arrange full payment according to the contract terms to ensure that the full amount has been paid.

6. Production and Quality Inspection

  • Finidatech initiates the production of metal powder and conducts quality control to ensure that the product meets specifications and quality standards.

7. Logistics and Delivery

  • Organize the logistics and transportation of products, including the shipment of goods, transportation methods, and delivery locations. Finidatech typically assists with logistics arrangements.

8. Customs Clearance and Import Procedures

  • If international trade is involved, the buyer needs to handle customs clearance procedures and import requirements to ensure the smooth entry of goods into the destination country.

9. Receipt and Inspection

  • Upon receiving the goods, conduct an inspection to ensure that the product meets the requirements specified in the contract.

10. Feedback and After-Sales Support

  • In case of any issues or the need for after-sales support, communicate promptly with Finidatech.

11. Establish Long-Term Business Relationship

  • Foster a long-term business relationship for potential future collaborations and transactions.

Dealing with Damaged Packaging - Our Commitment and Measures

At Finidatech, we are dedicated to providing high-quality metal powder products to meet your needs. However, we understand that sometimes packaging may be damaged during product transportation. We want to assure you that we have a set of measures and commitments in place to address damaged packaging and protect your interests.

1. Notify Us Promptly:

If you discover damaged or compromised packaging upon receiving your shipment, regardless of the extent of the damage, please notify us immediately through our customer service channels. You can reach out to our customer service hotline or send an email to [Your Customer Service Email]. Our team will respond to you promptly.

2. Providing Evidence:

To better understand the extent of the damage, we may request you to provide photos or videos to illustrate the condition of the damaged packaging. This will enable us to take action more swiftly.

3. Solution Options:

Once you inform us about the damaged packaging, we will take immediate action. Depending on the extent of the damage, you will have the following options:

  • Replacement Packaging: If the metal powder product itself is undamaged or uncontaminated, we recommend seeking replacement packaging or containers promptly. Relevant costs will be compensated to customers according to the actual circumstances. This ensures the safe delivery of the product to you.
  • Compensation: Depending on the specific circumstances and the degree of damage, Finidatech will engage in in-depth discussions with the customer to devise a reasonable compensation plan that aligns with your needs. We are committed to doing our utmost to resolve the issue and ensure your satisfaction with our products and services.

4. Logistics Claims:

In some cases, the damage may be associated with the transportation company. If that is the case, we will assist you in initiating the logistics claims process to address the issue.

5. Packaging Improvement:

We are continuously working to enhance the quality of our product packaging to reduce the risk of damage during transportation. Your feedback and suggestions are highly valuable to us and contribute to our ongoing improvement efforts.

6. Our Commitment:

Finidatech is steadfast in its dedication to customer satisfaction and product quality. We commit to taking all necessary measures to ensure your shopping experience is enjoyable and to address any issues that may arise.

If you encounter damaged packaging upon receiving your shipment, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will do everything in our power to safeguard your interests and ensure your satisfaction with our products and services. Thank you for choosing Finidatech as your metal powder supplier. We are committed to providing an outstanding customer experience.

What is the typical production time for metal powder?

Production Time for Metal Powder

The production time for metal powder can vary significantly depending on several key factors. These factors include the specific type of metal powder required, particle size specifications, chosen production processes, and order quantities, among other considerations. Typically, the production timeline may range from several days to a few weeks. Several factors play a role in determining the production time for metal powder:

  1. Powder Type: The type of metal powder required significantly influences the production process and timeline. Common metal powder types include iron alloys, copper alloys, nickel alloys, and more.
  2. Particle Size: The desired particle size can impact the production time. Finer powders may necessitate more intricate processing, leading to longer production times.
  3. Production Processes: Different production methods have unique time requirements. For example, gas atomization and water atomization are commonly used methods, each with its associated timeframes.
  4. Order Quantity: Larger orders with higher quantities may naturally require more production time, while smaller orders can often be fulfilled more swiftly.
  5. Custom Requirements: When customizations are requested, such as specific particle sizes or precise alloy compositions, additional time may be needed to meet these tailored specifications.

As a result, the precise production time for metal powder can vary according to your specific order details and the production capacity of Finidatech. We recommend engaging in a detailed discussion with Finidatech before placing an order to ensure that your requirements and timelines are effectively met. Our commitment is to provide a top-tier customer experience, and this includes delivering your orders efficiently and to your satisfaction.

How to Request a Metal Powder Quotation from Finidatech

At Finidatech, we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality metal powders and tailored solutions for your projects or applications. If you need to request a quotation for metal powder, we are delighted to offer you the following steps:

  1. Step 1: Visit Our Official Website
  2. First, visit our official website at [Your Website URL]. You will find a comprehensive list of metal powder products and information about our company and services.

  3. Step 2: Browse Our Products
  4. Browse our product pages and select the type and specifications of metal powder you require. Click on the product of your interest to find more detailed information.

  5. Step 3: Contact Us
  6. Once you have selected your desired products, you can contact us to request a quotation through the following methods:

    • – Send your requirements via email to [Your Contact Email].
    • – Call our customer service hotline at [Your Contact Phone] to speak directly with our sales team regarding your requirements.
  7. Step 4: Provide Detailed Information
  8. When contacting us, please provide as much detailed information as possible, including the type of product you need, the quantity, particle size requirements, and any special customization requests. This will help us provide you with an accurate quotation.

  9. Step 5: Receive a Customized Quotation
  10. Our sales team will provide you with a specific quotation for metal powder based on the information you provide. We will tailor the quotation to your project requirements and quantity needs.

Please note that our quotations are customized based on your specific requirements and order quantities. We are dedicated to providing you with the best solutions to meet your project needs.

If you have any other questions or require further assistance, please feel free to contact our customer service team. Thank you for choosing Finidatech as your metal powder supplier. We look forward to working with you and delivering high-quality products and services.

Does Finidatech provide any other services?


Finidatech is a dedicated supplier of high-quality metal powders, but we offer more than just metal powders. We provide a range of additional services to meet our customers’ specific needs. Here are our additional services:

  1. Custom Alloy Product Development: We have an expert team that can collaborate with you to develop alloy compositions tailored to your project’s requirements.
  2. Customization of Metal Powder Particle Size: Finidatech can customize the particle size of our metal powders to fit your specific application needs.
  3. Technical Support: Our experienced team can offer technical support, answer your inquiries, and provide advice on the selection and usage of our metal powders.
  4. Worldwide Shipping: We offer efficient and dependable global shipping options to ensure your orders reach you wherever you are located.
  5. Quality Assurance: At Finidatech, quality is our top priority. We employ strict quality control processes to ensure our products meet the highest industry standards.
  6. Product Development for a Diverse Range: We continually engage in product development across a diverse range of products, providing innovative solutions and remaining at the forefront of metal powder technology.

If you have specific requirements or need extra services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive support and solutions to meet your unique project needs. Finidatech welcomes your collaboration, offering high-quality metal powders and professional services.


Payment Terms: TT / Paypal / Western Union

100% payment in advance for its short delivery time. 

Shipping Solutions

For small order less than 200kgs, by air shipping or land transporation normally;

For bigger order more than 200kgs, we arrange shipment by sea or land transporation. 

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