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What Kind of Metal Powders Can We Offer?

AM Metal Powder Solutions

Finidatech specializes in a diverse range of metal powders for 3D printing, tailored to complement additive manufacturing technologies like SLM, EBM, DMLS, DED, LPBF, and PBF, HIP.

Surface Treatment Metal Powders

Finidatech offers metal powders for cold and thermal spraying, laser cladding, which are mainly used for strengthening and repairing key parts in machinery, automotive, petrochemical, electric power, glass moulds etc.

Ultra Fine Metal Powders

Finidatech's ultrafine powders are mainly used in Binder jetting and MIM technologies, and are widely used in the aerospace, electronics and new energy automotive industries.

Fulfill Your Custom Metal Powder Needs

Medical & Dental Industries

Finidatech specialize in providing high-quality metal powders tailored for the medical and dental industries. Our range includes cobalt, nickel, and titanium alloys powders,etc. These powders are meticulously crafted to meet the stringent requirements of medical and dental applications. We strive to offer alloys powders of superior quality and purity, empowering medical professionals and dental experts to create innovative, reliable, and precise solutions.

Aerospace Industries

Our metal powders incl. Al, Ti, and Ni alloys powders, stands at the forefront of aerospace innovation. These specialized powders play an integral role in aerospace engineering, contributing to the production of lightweight yet resilient components essential for spacecraft, satellites, and aircraft. Our metal powders are meticulously designed to meet the demanding standards of the aerospace industry, ensuring the development of high-performance parts critical for exploration and aviation technology.

Automobile Industries

Finidatech supplies a diverse range of metal powders—iron alloys, aluminum, nickel, and copper alloys powders—that are extensively utilized in automotive manufacturing. These powders enable advanced production techniques, powering the creation of essential components for modern, energy-efficient vehicles. From traditional metallurgy to cutting-edge metal powder injection molding, our products drive innovation, enhancing durability, and performance in the automotive industry.

Can’t Find Ideal Metal Powders For Your Industries?

We provide metal powder custom solutions to all our customers and limited free trial samples available for select products.

Metal Powder Range:Metal Powders for All Additive Manufacturing Applications

Steel Alloy Powders | Tool Steel Powders

316L 17-4PH H13 H11 420 4340 440....

Dental Alloy Powders

CoCrMo CoCrMoW CoCrW NiCr TC4 TA1

High Temperature Alloy Powders

In625 In718 In600 GH3536 GH2132 C276
GH4169 GH3230

Finidatech metal powder development and testing process

Tailored Powders

Metal Powders Designed to Provide the Precise Mechanical Properties Required by Your Application

Not every project is the same. Finidatech is an all-encompassing provider for custom development and atomization, additive processing, and quality testing. Use Finida Technologies’ depth of expertise along with wider metallurgical technical expertise to push your process from early-stage development to pilot and full-scale implementations with metal powder alloys tailored to your mechanical property requirements.

Powder Metallurgy

Supply of Premium Specialty Metal Powder

Finidatech is a leading manufacturer of premium specialty alloy powders for PM, MIM, and BJ applications. Our product range includes nickel and cobalt-based superalloy powders, stainless steel powders, alloy steel and tool steel powders, aluminum alloy powders, zinc alloy powders, and hard-to-melt alloy powders.
Powder Metallurgy: Premium Specialty Metal Powder Supply

Clients Testimonials

Outstanding communication and understanding of what customer needs. Fast dispatch with tracking service, fairly quick turnaround and getting the job done within given timescale.

Albert B
Technical Engineer

From Miami, Fort Lauderdale , USA

We have been working with Finida for more than 6 years with exclusively positive results. Their solutions make me save money and accelerate product development for additive manufacturing.

Max Dahl

From Aylesbury, England, UK

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FAQs About Finidatech

What kinds of API of metal powders?

Additive manufacturing such as SLM, DMLS, Laser cladding, BJ, DED, PBF. Other application such as thermal spraying, Metal Injection Molding, PM.

How long does it usually take for me to receive the goods?

90% of our products get enough stock except for customzied products or it happened to out of stock. it normally 3-5 working days even mass production.

Can I customize metal powders per my needs?

Yes, tailored metal powders really workable. But we need to know your main composition standard and particle size requirements and application.

What's your major production technology?

Gas atomization, water atomization, water-gas comb atomization, plasma atomization, PREP, EIGA, VIGA, Carbonyl, elctrolysis, milled, HDH, Chemical method......

Will you refund if sales are not good or test is not successful?

No, different application may met with different problems, it may not caused by metal powders normally sometimes, just contact us ahead to get more support then we could help you at once.

What's the MOQ of metal powders?

Cu / Ni/ Ti Series: 100 kgs+;
Silver Series : 100 grams Started;
Ferro / Aluminum Series: 25kgs ;
Special products please ask for help from us.

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