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For different spare parts, you may need different metal powders to fit for the parameters or effect
you wanna to get. Such as strength, yield strength, hardness etc. For pro suggestions, contact us any time.

GH4169 | In718 0-20μm | 15-45μm | 15-53μm | 15-38μm
GH3625 | In625 0-20μm | 15-45μm | 15-53μm | 15-38μm
C276 0-20μm | 15-45μm | 15-53μm | 15-38μm
In713C 0-20μm | 15-45μm | 15-53μm | 15-38μm
In738LC 0-20μm | 15-45μm | 15-53μm | 15-38μm
In939 0-20μm | 15-45μm | 15-53μm | 15-38μm
C276 0-20μm | 15-45μm | 15-53μm | 15-38μm
NiCr25 0-20μm | 15-45μm | 15-53μm | 15-38μm
GH3230 0-20μm | 15-45μm | 15-53μm | 15-38μm
GH3536 0-20μm | 15-45μm | 15-53μm | 15-38μm
CrCrMo 0-20μm | 15-45μm | 15-53μm | 15-38μm
CrCrMoW 0-20μm | 15-45μm | 15-53μm | 15-38μm
CoCrW 0-20μm | 15-45μm | 15-53μm | 15-38μm
Bronze CuSn10
CuCrZr Cr 0.3-1.2 Zr 0.03-0.3 Cu Bal
CuCrNb Cr 3.1-3.5 Nb 2.5-3 Fe<0.01 Si<0.025 Cu Bal.
CuAlNiFe Fe 3-5 Ni 4-6 Al 8.5-11 Cu Bal.
CuNiSiCr Cr 0.2-0.5 Ni 2-3 Fe≤0.15 Si0.5-0.8 Cu Bal.
AlSi10Mg Si 9-11 Mg 0.25-0.45 Al Bal.
AlSi7Mg Si 6.7-7.5 Mg 0.45-0.75 Al Bal.
ADC12 Si 9.6-12 Cu 1.5-3.5 Al Bal.
2024 Cu 3.8-4.9 Mg 1.2-1.8 Mn 0.3-0.9 Al Bal.
2219 Cu 5.6-6.8 Mn 0.2-0.4 Al Bal.
4043 Si 4.5-6 Al Bal.
4047 Si 11-13 Al Bal.
5A06 Mg 5.8-6.8 Mn 0.5-0.8 Al Bal.
5083 Mg 4.5-4.9 Mn 0.4-1 Cr 0.05-0.25 Al Bal.
6061 Si 0.4-0.8 Mg 0.8-1.2 Cu 0.15-0.4 Cr 0.04-0.35 Al Bal.
7A04 Zn 5.0-7.0 Mg 1.8-2.8 Cu 1.4-2.0 Mn 0.2-0.6 Al Bal.
7075 Zn 5.1-6.1 Mg 2.1-2.9 Cu 1.2-2 Cr 0.18-0.28 Al Bal.
7050 Zn 5.7-6.7 Mg 1.9-2.6 Cu 2.0-2.6 Al Bal.

More 3D Printing Metal Powders

Dental Metal Powders

–CoCrMoW | CoCrW | CoCrMo | TC4 | NiCr25


–925 Silver | Brass Powders | Bronze Powders | Cu Powders | Stainless Steel Powders

Aerospace & Molds & Automobile, Medical Devices

–TC4 | |CP-Ti |TA1 | TA 15 | AlSi10Mg | Steel Alloy Powders | Nickel Alloy Powders

Laser Cladding

–430L | Fe Alloy Powders | C22| C276 | FeCrV |More Nickel Alloy Powders


Metal Powders Application
3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing


Lightweight, cost-efficient & customer-specific


Lightweight, cost-efficient & customer-specific

Aircraft & Space

With reduced weight and improved performance to create worthy parts


Broad range of RPD frame, crown/bridge, sub-frame, etc.


A number of consumer sporting equipment products and parts was produced by metal powders


Jewery, glass frames, kinds of consumer goods are widely used metal powders


Fabrication of complex devices in the energy sector.


Aerospace industries are leading the innovation and implementation of additive manufacturing

Frequently Asked Questions

Spherical or spheroid both great materials for 3D printing and additive manufacturing. And we also developt one kind of spheroid titanium metal powders this year, the parameter of it is even much better than spherial ones. 

The most common production technology of 3d printing metal powder is atomization, and it also divided into water atomization and gas atomization. Oxgen content of powder would be totally different. So if you have some special parameter requirements, be sure to contact our experts. 

Electron Beam Machining (EBM),Laser Direct Melting Manufacturing Technology (DMD ),Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS),Selective Laser Sintering (SLS),  Selective Electron Beam Melting (SEBM )etc. 






Above are normal particle size .

Yes. But please offer us below information:

  1. Quantity
  2. Particle size requirements
  3. Composition requirements
  4. End application

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