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  • Ultrafine Cu Powder
  • Ultrafine NiTi Powder
  • Ultrafine NiAl Powder
  • Ultrafine NiMn Powder
  • Ultrafine NiCr Powders
  • Ultra Fine Mo Powders

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Aerospace Application

Feature: High apparent density & BET, High activity & purity.

Application: Filters, binders for high density and high melting point materials, powder metallurgy additives, petrochemical catalysts and new compounds, high frequency or ultra-high frequency magnetic materials, electronic contacts, cadmium-nickel batteries, etc

Pure Ni | NiTi | NiAl

NiCr10| NiCr20 | NiMn

Ultra Fine Spherical Cu Powder

It is suitable for making the internal electrode of Multi-Layered Ceramic Capacitor and other electronic components of electronic paste, nickel battery, storage battery, catalyst, magnetic fluid, special coatings, absorbing materials, etc

Ultra Fine Cu Powder

Feature Uniform particle size Good sphericity High crystallinity Good dispersion High antioxidant temperature
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Ultra Fine Cu Alloy Powders

Suitable for the manufacture of front and side electrodes of chip resistors, which can replace silver-palladium alloy.

CuMn15 | CuMn25

Micron Grade Copper Manganese Alloy powder

Antiaerobia Spherical Morphology Uniform Particle Size Easy to control R & TCR Evenly Distributed Elements
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