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Finidatech‘s titanium alloy powders are primarily used in aerospace, military, shipbuilding, civil chemical, biomedical, electronic, and transportation industries. The product morphology is mainly non-spherical and spherical, with Finidatech’s titanium alloy production capacity exceeding 4000 metric tons annually.

Titanium alloy materials are characterized by low density, high specific strength, corrosion resistance, low linear expansion coefficient, low thermal conductivity, non-magnetic properties, good biocompatibility, and strong surface decorativeness. They also possess special functions such as hydrogen storage, superconductivity, shape memory, super elasticity, and high damping. Starting in 2024, many 3C electronic companies like Apple, Huawei, and Xiaomi have widely adopted titanium alloy powders as the main material for 3D printing. We believe that in 2024, titanium alloy powders will usher in a new era.
Ti Alloy Powder

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Titanium Alloy Powder Grades

TC4(ti 6al 4v) Grade 5, TC4 ELI, TC4 Grade 23
TA7 (Ti5Al2.5Sn)
TC11 (Ti6.5Al3.5Mo1.5Zr0.3Si)
TA15 (Ti6Al2Zr1Mo1V)
TiAl (Ti48Al2Cr2Nb)
Ti2AlNb (Ti22Al25Nb, Ti22Al24.5Nb0.5Mo)

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