Basic Concepts and Manufacturing Methods of Metal Powder

Metal powder manufacturing is a complex and precise process that has become an indispensable part of multiple industries. It has brought significant innovation and flexibility to the manufacturing sector while driving scientific research and technological advancements. Today, we will delve into the fundamental concepts of metal powder manufacturing, understanding the key techniques and preparation methods in this field.

Metal Powder Manufacturing Process with Various Techniques

Metal Powder Manufacturing Techniques

Metal powder manufacturing technology is a process that transforms metal materials into tiny particles or powder. These particles can possess various shapes, sizes, and chemical compositions to meet the diverse requirements of different applications. Metal powder manufacturing techniques typically involve the following crucial steps:

Choosing the appropriate metal alloy to meet the performance requirements of the final product.

Converting metal into powder through various methods, including gas atomization, water atomization, and electron beam cold hearth melting.

Sorting the obtained powder to ensure the particle size distribution falls within the desired range.

The metal powder typically needs to be formed into the desired shapes, such as billets or granules, through a compaction process.

Binding the compacted metal powder particles together through high-temperature sintering or heat treatment to create the final components or parts.

Metal Powder Preparation Methods

The preparation methods for metal powder are diverse, with each method possessing unique characteristics and applications. Here are at least six common metal powder preparation methods:

This is a prevalent method that involves heating metal to a liquid state and then atomizing it into small particles using high-speed gas flow. The resulting powder particles are typically uniform and exhibit excellent flowability.

Similar to gas atomization, this method uses water spray for cooling and solidifying metal droplets, forming powder particles. This approach is suitable for producing high-quality metal powder.

This method employs an electron beam to melt materials in a crucible and then direct them towards a condenser to create powder. It is typically used for producing high-melting-point metal powders.

IHGA combines gas atomization and induction heating, making it suitable for high-melting-point metal powders such as tungsten.

Mechanical methods such as ball milling, metallurgy, and mechanical crushing are used to break down large metal materials into fine powder particles.

This method involves reducing metal salts to metal powder, often through the addition of reducing agents or chemical reactions.

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